Petter Törnberg

Since May 2012, Petter Törnberg works as a doctorate within the complex systems group at Physical Resource Theory. His work focuses on applying a complexity perspective to analyze the social implications of the innovation processes of our society, attempting to find ways to improve these processes to reduce their negative social and environmental externalities. From 2017 onward, he will be working as a Postdoc at the Department of Sociology at University of Amsterdam, focusing on digital trace data analysis for the study of opinion dynamics and social conflict.



Email: pettert [at] chalmers (dot) se
Phone: (+46) 720 13 93 34
Visiting adress: Physical Resource Theory, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg
@pettertornberg on Twitter / ResearchGate / Academia
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Anton TörnbergAnton

Anton works as senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Work Science at Gothenburg University. His research focuses on the intersection between the interdisciplinary field of Complexity Science and sociology. Theoretically his work draws upon complex realism, and he is also interested in various methods such as Agent-based Modeling, Social Network Analysis and various forms of automated text analysis such as Topic Modeling. Most of his work is within the field of social movements and collective action. Anton is currently involved in a research project that addresses discursive shifts in social media and the interplay between online discourses and offline action.



Email: anton (dot) tornberg [at] gu (dot) se
Phone: (+46) 739566502
Visiting Adress: Skanstorget 18, Gothenburg University, Gothenburg
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